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About me

I am a qualified native Italian teacher. 
Born in Sicily, lived in London for a couple of years and currently living in Siracusa
Welcome to my profile!

I love to teach and to be of help. I am a professional counselor also, will be happy to apply my expertise to improve your quality of life
I am very respectful, warm, caring and professional, it is highly important for me to make you achieve the goals we set together during the assessment.
I am currently teaching at Dante Alighieri in Siracusa.


I studied and attended specific courses on how to teach Italian to foreigners, passed two exams and certified Ditals (II level) at the Università per stranieri di Siena.

I have also been trained as Tutor online at Università per stranieri di Perugia.
I have got a degree in Economics, a diploma as Professional Counselor (Gestalt approach) and I took an online course to improve my English language fluency, and I learnt a lot how to teach languages to adults at TITC (International TEFL Coroporation) especially how important is to dedicate the lesson's topic to your needs as learner.
I am an interpreter and translator certified at S.S.I.T. in Italy.
I can therefore give you good information on business and I can be of help if you also need emotional support.

Teaching approach

It is a holistic approach.
To give students the tools to gain an understanding of the language structure and fluency on communication, with a practical emphasis on language awareness, phonology and individual needs.

I have learnt that the best methodology is students centred, where I can get you (students) involved throughout the lesson, keep you motivated by choosing those activities that interest you and include real life situations letting you free to communicate.

Method: task oriented and situational based.

I use to organize the lesson in advance through some papers:
  • Lesson plan, following 3 phases: Engage, Study, Activate
  • Needs evaluation test
  • Short and long term goals
  • Progress diary
Thank you for taking the time to read about me and Looking forward to meeting you.

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5 Lunghe conversazioni al prezzo di 4

60min 9,600P

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Pack of 5 (1,920 Points per lesson)

Pacchetto conversazioni (1920 punti a lezione)

Esercitazioni per esame DISCOUNT

30min 9,000P

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Pack of 4 (2,250 Points per lesson)

Simulate prove di esami

Pratichiamo e Miglioriamo DISCOUNT

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Pack of 4 (1,375 Points per lesson)

Attività mirate per lo sviluppo delle abilità

Learning…by doing (B - C levels)

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Learn how to cook, sew, paint, play or just learn…in italiano! Learn…...

Italiano per bambini

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Italiano for children :-)

5 Conversazioni al prezzo di 4

30min 4,800P

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Pack of 5 (960 Points per lesson)

Pacchetto Lezioni (960 punti per lezione)

Learning…for Beginners

50min 1,900P

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I will teach you the language by using role play situations in which ...

General conversation (B - C Levels)

30min 1,200P

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Migliora le tue abilità comunicative ONLY FOR INTEMERDIATE and ADVAN...

Esercitazioni per esame

60min 2,800P

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Simulate prove di esami

Attività mirate per lo sviluppo delle abilità


0min 3,000P

No Skype

English --> Italian 250 words

Any Italian document, any length. Up to 250 words

Feel and be better

50min 2,100P

Skype lezioni

Get professional help! Release tension, stress and free yourself.

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