Cafetalk Premium Friday Project

August 30 is “Premium Friday Happy Hour”

This month's Premium Friday is on August 30! This month Cafetalk offers a special Happy Hour time!

If you take any of the lessons on the campaign page between 3 PM and 9 PM Japan Time on that day you will receive back 30% of the lesson price after the lesson has been completed.
Use this chance to try out tutors you can't usually take lessons with!

Applicable Lessons for Point Rebate

Travel Turkish

30 min   2,000   Momo Sensei
Welcome to Turkey! I will teach you useful phrases that you will need for various travel situations...

Croatian lesson - 45 min.

45 min   1,500   Tina Z
In this lesson you will learn Croatian words and expressions, such as greetings, introduction, poli...


35 min   1,500   Chacha


60 min   2,100   NishiBR

Spanish: Beginner / Pre-Intermediate Level

25 min   1,300   Veronika T
¡Hola! Learn basic Spanish and have some fun!You can choose a topic for the class (e.g. sayi...

Free Talk in Japanese

50 min   2,000   Linda.A
Any trouble to think of what to talk to your friends or your colleagues in the offices,school in Ja...

All about Business

25 min   1,900   Bernadette Baluyut
This class is for anyone who needs help in writing an email, letter,and practice presentations.&nbs...

Find yourself

40 min   1,500   Hannah
We often feel exhausted and tired. We feel confused. Why am I living? What is my purpose? Who am I?...


30 min   1,000   yakinabe
どうも!yakinabeこと、去年まで漫画家やってましたヤキナベです! 経歴 専門学校3年(漫画コース)フィギュアメーカーに派遣で入るイラストレーターとして独立漫画家になる絵に興味がある方、漫画...

Young Speakers Speaking! Confidence Increasing!

30 min   1,500   coKyle
Hello! To all of you reading this with hopes of helping those kids, let me just say I am happy to m...

Cafetalk x Premium Friday Happy Hour

  • ・Lessons taken on August 30 2019 between 3 PM and 9 PM (Japan Time) are applicable for the point rebate.
  • ・You can receive only one pointback per tutor. Please combine your requests with other tutors.
  • ・The pointback will not change the expiry date of your points.
  • ・Die campaign period is during Japan Time (UTC+9). Please take note of this when you live outside of Japan.
  • ・Lessons booked on August 30 before this announcement are excluded from the pointback.
  • ・The pointback will occur within three days of Premium Friday as long as the completed status of the lesson can be confirmed. Students are able to complete requests from their end, so please complete the lesson once it has finished.
  • ・If a coupon is used for the lesson the point rebate will be applied for the reduced price.
  • ・If a lesson cancellation is caused by the student, the resulting cancellation fee is not valid for the pointback campaign.

About Cafetalk Premium Friday Project

If you get to go home a little bit early on the last Friday of the month, why not connect with the world through Cafetalk lessons?

Try out all those tutors and lessons you wanted to but never could☆We are looking forward to your bookings♪

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