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Jun runs the mega popular site Hapa Eikawa, which has 14,629 newsletter subsribers, 45,000 Podcast subscribers, and 32,506 Youtube subscribers. Don't miss this chance to talk to him one on one about your English learning concerns, questions about mistakes that Japanese learners often make, how to raise your motivation, and more!

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Hi everyone! This is Jun from Hapa Eikaiwa. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. Since my mother is Japanese and my father is American, I was raised biculturally and underwent both Japanese and American education. I graduated from UC Santa Barbara in California and studied abroad at Hitotsubashi University for 1 year as an exchange student.

After that, I worked as a coordinator for international relations at the Uchinada Town Office in Uchinada, Ishikawa, returned to Los Angeles after working there for 2 years, and in 2011 I opened up an English school called "BYB English Center" in Irvine. →Profile

What does HAPA mean?

We often say "biracial" or "mixed" when talking about mixed race, but "HAPA" is also very commonly used in Los Angeles to refer to people who are part Asian.

The word HAPA originally derives from the Hawaiian word meaning "half" or "one part." And just as the name implies, Hapa Eikaiwa = English lessons brought to you by someone who is half Japanese, half American! →Hapa eikaiwa's official site

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