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				See for yourself how great these bilingual Japanese teachers are!!English Lessons From Japanese Teachers

Thorough guidance that only Japanese teachers can provide

Since they went through the same steps, bilingual tutors certainly have the advantage
when it comes to correcting mistakes that Japanese and non-native speakers often make. Master the basics of English grammar and conversation with a teacher from Japan!

Why Cafetalk makes sense.

Even if you are absolute beginner, Cafetalk will support you with free counseling
so you can start with no worries!

  • One on one lessons All lessons are private so you can customize the lesson to fit your needs.
  • Always get access to free counseling to help you with your studies. We'll support you 100% so you can concentrate on learning. → Free counseling
  • Anytime, anywhere! You can learn from anywhere, anytime making it perfect for the busy student

Recommended Online Lessons

Let's take a peek at these online English lessons through student feedback!



Hi! I'm Yukarin. I live in Oita Prefecture in Jap...

Online English English Grammar

50 Mins / 2,600 Pts


English Grammar
Healing Counselor Sets

Healing Counselor Sets

If you are a beginner, want to speak more fluentl...

Online English English Conversation for Beginners: 50 ...

50 Mins / 2,000 Pts


English Conversation for Beginners: 50 ...
Yukari Maller

Yukari Maller

Learn Japanese with a native Japanese speaker for...

Online English You will be able to understand! use! Ba...

50 Mins / 2,800 Pts


You will be able to understand! use! Ba...


 Hello! I'm Sachiko! I just returned to Japan a...

Online English English conversation for traveling

25 Mins / 1,500 Pts


English conversation for traveling


Thank you for visiting my page!初めまして! 私は現在ポーランドの...

Online English The Rhythm of English Through Reading A...

50 Mins / 2,500 Pts


The Rhythm of English Through Reading A...


Hello!  I'm Takami.  Please call me Tak...

Online English Become a Native English Speaker Lesson ...

40 Mins / 2,600 Pts

〔対象:小学1年~6年生〕 「話す、読む、書く」をしっかり、楽しくお勉強しましょう!!(レッスン後にできる約2日間の課題付) ※ご予約前に注意事項をご確認ください。

Become a Native English Speaker Lesson ...


Whether you get nervous around non-Japanese tea...

Online English 楽しくおしゃべりして英語を学ぼう!(カスタマイズ)

50 Mins / 3,700 Pts

Anything you want to talk about! 基本はフリートークですが、こういったレッスンをしてほしいというリクエストがあれば生徒さんのご要望を最優先したします。

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