Practice your Korean Speaking Skill!
Korean Conversation Club
Topic: Korean movie "Parasite: Semi-Underground Family"
November 5th, 2021 Friday 8:30 PM
Early discount available until Oct. 27th, 2021 (KST)

Korean Conversation Club

Have a conversation with three popular Korean tutors!

Cafetalk is happy to welcome five students to have a Korean conversation club with three popular Korean tutors(LIA, Gil, Hanamaru). You can practice Korean conversation skills with club members and also learn about Korean cultures.

This conversation club is for students who are intermediate or advanced level(TOPIK level 4). Let’s have fun conversation with three popular Korean tutors. We will talk about different topics such as Korean cultures and trends to practice your conversation skills. This will boost your confidence in your speaking skill.


About Korean Conversation Club


Date and Time(Asia/Tokyo Time)

November 5th, 2021 Friday 8:30PM


Intermediate level or advanced(TOPIK Level 4)

Number of Participants

Max. 5 students


2,500 points(2,000 points until October 27th 11:59 pm Korean time)


50 min.


Korean movie "Parasite: Semi-Underground Family".

20:30~20:50 : Tell us about yourself and your snacks!

  1. ★ Let's have a casual conversation while eating snacks. (Please bring your snacks!)
  2. ★ We will vote for the most impressive snack, and the winner will receive a discount coupon from each tutor. Please add tutors to your favorites before entering the club.

20:50~21:20 : Talking about Korea's famous movie: Parasites

  1. ★ All participants need to watch the movie "Parasites" beforehand.
  2. ★ Following are the examples of questions we will discuss:
    • - What's your favrioate Korean movie?
    • - Have you watched director Bong's other movies bofore?
    • - Which part of the movie did you think was interesting?
    • - Was there any part you did not understand?

Host Tutors


This club is for students who don’t have confidence in Korean conversation skills and who want to have conversation practice with multiple people. Let’s talk and have fun!


I always help students to speak Korean comfortably in everyday life. This club will be a different challenge from a one-to-one free-talking lesson. It would be better if we all meet face-to-face but until then, let’s meet online!


Hi all! I’m a Korean tutor, Hanamaru. If you had no chance to practice your speaking skill, this club will help you practice your skills. Have a fun conversation with natives and learn Korean that natives use every day.

How to Sign Up

Click the sign-up button at the bottom of this page.

Please check your email for a video call link and request details.

Please click the video call link on your request page (or email ) to start the club.

Check your microphone and camera before the club starts. You can join a group call by clicking the link on your dashboard.


  • * The club includes three Korean tutors and five students.
  • * You can cancel your request 7 days before the start time.
  • * We will send you a confirmation email as you request.
  • * no refunds can be made due to equipment problems.
  • * We will provide you a video call link via email and your request page.

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