Cafetalk 2021 Year in Review Cafetalk 2021 Year in Review

  • Our tutors are from

    93 countries/regions

  • Our students are from

    140 countries/regions

  • Student feedback this year


    (98,88% of it was 4 stars or more!)

  • Live seminars this year

    more than 45

Symposiums in different languages

Tutors from many different countries joined us to talk with our Cafetalk staff members about language study and culture.
Check them out if you've missed them!

English Symposium

Japanese Symposium

Korean Symposium

Chinese Symposium

German Symposium

French Symposium

Spanish Symposium

Online concerts by
popular music tutors

Our music tutors brought high quality music experiences to your home. A beautiful soundtrack for the different seasons of the past year!

Collaboration with Hapa Eikaiwa

Many Cafetalk English tutors were featured on the popular Youtube channel Hapa Eikaiwa.
Our tutors also participated in episodes of the Hapa Eikaiwa podcast, in the exclusive Hapa Buddies English study group and the quarterly Hapa School, where they helped students practice what they had learned during the 8-weeks intensive study program.

\ Check out the Youtube Playlist /


Cafetalk team

Thank you for a wonderful 2021!

This is the second year for our team to be working remotely.
There are many challenges but it also gives us the chance to understand all of you,
who also study and practice from home, better.

Despite being separated physically we actually feel closer
to our community of motivated students and passionate tutors.

Even if it's only through the screen, we are glad to meet you daily through support chats,
phone calls and counselings with students, as well as interviews with new tutors,
and catch up calls with long-time tutors.
Your lesson feedbacks motivate us every day to keep making Cafetalk the best place for you
to share and receive knowledge and practice your skills.

We will share our memories of Cafetalk 2021 on our official Twitter and we would love to hear more about your Cafetalk 2021 too!
Share it on your favorite platform (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc) using the hashtag #mycafetalk2021!

Take a look back at your lessons this year

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