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100 Lesson Milestone !!

Sep 9, 2018

This week I have reached my 100th lesson on Cafetalk, and I just want to say thanks to all my students who have helped me reach this Milestone!

Looking back at all my experiances in my lessons, I am amazed at how meaningful all my encounters with my students were. My Free Conversation lesson in particular has helped me have fun and relaxed conversations with my students, allowing me to get to know them better and also share my own experiances of teaching English in Japan.

My students have been great, and it has also been a good learning experiance for me by having lessons with people from all walks of life such as English teachers, students, kids, teens, working adults and more.

Some examples include a lesson where I discussed with my student some of the main challenges that Japanese students have in learning English, espcially when it may be hard for them to make mistakes.

Another lesson allowed me to have a conversation about my students home near Kyoto- a place I have always wanted to visit, encouraging me to see more places in Japan one day.

I also especially enjoyed some of the kids lessons where I could share my interests with the little ones only to find out that we both love soccer, or playing guitar! 

I'm grateful to Cafetalk for providing such a solid platform where we can make these meaningful connnections, and I look forward to making some more in the future!

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