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Jan 15, 2020

Dear students, I will start launching a series of new lessons made specially for moms. These lessons will include: counseling therapy sessions, a relaxing meditation, and exercise classes. I believe all three parts are necessary for all moms, no matter how long they’ve had their child / children, because in order to keep our “sanity”we must take care of our mental, spiritual and physical health. :) 
Being a mom is hard work and being a good mom requires taking care of oneself too.

The counseling therapy sessions will be designed specially for new moms, those who have given birth within the last year. Our bodies go through tremendous change, and our lives change 100%. This is especially difficult for first-time moms and it is advisable and very important to talk about your feelings, the good ones and the bad ones to help your mental-self deal with it all. At first, it is all shock. It could be good or bad shock, but it is usually mixed and many days feel so hazy, as if we were living in a dream. It is of tremendous importance to talk as much as possible about what you are going through during this first year of being a mom. Take care of yourself!


Although these lessons are intended for new moms, they are not “reserved” for them. Any mom or grandmother is welcome! There are always things to talk about.

Next, there will be two meditation sessions created to help moms relieve stress of their everyday (and night) life. They will be 15 and 20-minutes short since we know moms are always busy!!

The last section – physical exercise – is very important, especially if a mom is suffering from Diastasis Recti (a separation in the abdominal wall), weak pelvic floor, pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse or hernia. I will be teaching exercises not only safe for DR and pelvic floor, but exercises which are also meant to improve the function of these muscles and help with recovery. These exercises are very specific and they are meant for strengthening the core muscles, and who doesn’t want a strong core? Core muscles are the foundation of the body, they hold everything together. And if they are weak or hurt, the whole body goes out of balance and if not fixed in time, that can lead to other problems later in life (bad posture, lower back problems, different types of hernia, prolapse, and joint dislocation…and of course, lots of physical pain).


If you’re a mom, it doesn’t matter how long ago you’ve had your baby (who can even now be a teenager or a grown-up… or you might already be a grandma), as long as at least 6 weeks have passed after the delivery and you’ve been given green light by your doctor to start exercising. These exercises are beneficial for any mom. They help in recovery, gaining strength, slimming the waist and losing weight, and most importantly, they are completely SAFE.

All MOM classes will be baby-friendly, which means you can have your child present and not worry about finding a nanny!

Important notice: If you are experiencing symptoms like: bad posture, leaking urine, urinary urgency, difficulty urinating, difficulty passing stool, difficulty holding it in, lower back pains, feeling pressure in the pelvic area, weak core, unable to “find” and contract your abdominal or pelvic floor muscles… you could be suffering from Diastasis Recti or Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Talk to your doctor and you can also find more info on DR and POP in my other articles.

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