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「妄想インド旅行」My Imaginary trip to India

May 8, 2020

コロナの影響で当分旅行に行けないから、韓国人の知り合いが書いたインド旅行記を読みながら昔インドに行った時に撮った写真も見ながら、妄想インドの旅に出掛けました。一度で良いから、私もこの作家さんがこの本の中に語った様に「親孝行まで言えるほどでもないですが、せめて母親と一度旅行に行って思い出作り」がしたいです。As I am flipping through the page of this travel memoir written by my Korean acquaintance on her trip to India. I am also looking through photos I had taken during my past travel to India back in 2012 and enjoying “my Imaginary trip to India” since I can’t travel due to current Corona situation. Just like what she has written  in her travel memoir 「though she would not consider it as a filial piety but rather as an opportunity to create memory to look back with her mother」 Hopefully, in the near future,  I will have a chance to travel together with my mother.

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