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The first 20 hours: how to learn anything by Josh Kaufman

Jun 29, 2020


(日本語は下に書いてます  followed by Japanese translation)
OMG, it is so hard to decide which talk is the best!
I picked up this amazingly inspiring TED-talks by Josh Kaufman.
Generally, it is said that we need 10000 hours to develop a new skill.
This "10000 hour rule" often makes us give up trying to master what we want.
Josh encourages us to comlete just 20 hours of focused practice.
45 minutes' practice a day for a month makes you accomplish your goal to some extent!
Actually, he started learning the uklele and performed it on the stage, which was awesome!
I highly recommend you to watch it!
How about applying this rule in learning languages? The first 20 hours will lead you to wonderful destinations!



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