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I like baking, knitting, and making jewelry!

Weekly Topic: My slightly unique hobbies

Feb 7, 2021

I have many hobbies, and one of them is baking!

I have been baking since I was in university, and at first I was terrible!  But after many years of practice, I have become quite good and love to share the sweets and cookies I make with my friends.  One of my favorite treats to make is brownies.  In fact, I am offering a lesson on how to make these right now on Cafetalk!  If you're interested, let's chat in English and make brownies together!  Please check my lesson listings for more details.

My second hobby is knitting

I made this hat this year while staying at home.  It's very colorful and warm.  I love it!  I have been knitting also since I was in university.  I like to make sweaters, scarves and blankets, although it's hard to find the time when I'm busy with work.

My third hobby is making jewelry.

I made this several years ago and wear it for special occasions.  It's made from pearls and swarovski crystals and has a vintage clasp.

I like that I have more time now to enjoy my hobbies since staying home so much.  How about you? What have you been able to do more of while staying at home?  Do you have a fun hobby?  I'd love to hear about it!

See you,

Pearl A.

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