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モチベーションの高め方 Compelling force motivates me.

Weekly Topic: My ways of increasing motivation

Mar 8, 2021


① Japantimes 記事3本 読んで聞く
② 洋書 20ページ
③ 実践ビジネス英語 ストリーミング 25分
④ TOEIC公式問題集 Test2 Part2 30分
⑤ YouTubeでENGLISH SPEECHES 20分 という感じで。

例えばtwitterには「英語クラスター」とか「TOEICer」とか呼ばれるものすごい人たちがいるので、その方たちのツイートにもモチベーションを上げてもらってます。ちゃんと学習記録をつけていくアプリを使ってる人もいるけど、私は向いてなかった(笑) ※でも、ここで使い方を間違っちゃうと学習時間が減って本末転倒になるので注意!!

As I'm basically a slacker and a procrastinator, compelling force is the best motivator for me.
For example, I have tried memorizing the entire script of a textbook and reciting it together in an English study group, or applying for the speech club's in-house contest to participate in the regional competition.
It is important to push yourself if you are lazy. Of course, taking certification exams also work, because we need to study a lot to get our money's worth.
In the middle of the preparation, I would say, "Oh, my godness! Impossible! I shouldn't have started this in the first place!" But when I get it through, I feel my work was rewarding.
As it's still difficult for us to meet people face to face, I thought how I could make use of "compelling force" online?
So now, on social networking sites, I report what I've studied every day.
For example...
1. Japantimes: read and listened to 3 articles 
2. Reading an English book 20 pages 
3. Listening to Business Communication in Action streaming service 25 minutes
4. TOEIC official book Test2 Part2 30 minutes
5. Watching English speeches on YouTube 30minutes  etc..
I don't know why I get some "likes" on my tweets like this, haha. If I add a hashtag, I can look back on my tweets later. In addition, there are some amazing people who are called "English Clusters" or "TOEICers" on the site. Their tweets also inspire me a lot.
There are people using apps to keep track of their learning, but I wasn't the right person for it lol.
★But be careful, if you spend so much time on social media, you will only lose learning time.
This is totally the cart before the horse!

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