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休日のズボラランチ[ My lazy lunch and digital to do lists ]

Mar 10, 2021

  休日のランチ。たまに手間を抜いても良いよね。でもさすが日清カップラーメン。インドネシアのやつでもそこそこ味がイケてます。休日の朝はto do listからスタートし、それから家事、読書、親友とズームお茶会、後はオンライン韓国語と日本語のレッスンです。二日の休日本当に有り難いです。一日は家でゆっくり出来、もう一日は外出出来るからです。                                                                 I love to have nissin cup ramen aka cup noodles on a lazy day. Ramen is the ultimate comfort food for me. There’s something about being hunched over a steaming bowl of the delicious, savory broth that makes me feel so cozy. More recently I have also become a fan of "digital to do lists". There’s this feeling of elation I get from finishing a task, whether it’s something as mundane as managing my household expenses or riding the stationery bicycle.

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