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News of the Week: UK Edition 14/04/2021

Weekly Topic: Let me tell you what is happening in my country right now !

Apr 14, 2021 | 1 Commento

Three main stories have dominated the newspapers in the UK this week:

1) The death of Prince Philip

2) David Cameron's 'Greensill' scandal

3) The re-opening of the UK

On Friday last week, the 9th of April, Prince Phillip died aged 99 - just two months short of his 100th birthday. He was the husband of Queen Elizabeth, and they had been married for 74 years.

He is the first 'major' royal family member to die since Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in 2002.

It was not completely unexpected, as he was 99 years old and had recently been hospitalised with health problems.

In other news, former Prime Minister David Cameron has been caught up in a scandal. Cameron worked as an advisor for ‘Greensill Capital’, an Anglo-Australian financial firm, and has been accused of using his influence in the government to try to get a Covid business loan for the company, which they were not entitled to receive.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has ordered an official investigation.

In some newspapers this was the main story yesterday, but the ‘Daily Telegraph’, which supports the Conservative Party that Mr Cameron and Mr Johnson belong, only gave it a small space on the front page:

The final big story of this week is the ending of many of the Covid restrictions in the UK, as after three months ‘non-essential’ shops, such as antique shops, charity shops, gyms, art galleries, and more, have finally been allowed to reopen. Pubs and restaurants have also been allowed to reopen, but customers can only eat and drink outside, not inside the building. This created a small problem, as Monday was unseasonably cold this week, with snow in mid-April! This means they did not get as many customers as they wanted, but many British people went to the pub anyway to enjoy beer and wine in the freezing pub gardens, wearing their warmest coats.

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