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The magical power of the Japanese expression “Otsukaresama”お疲れ様のパーワー

Apr 28, 2021

        "Otsukaresama”Japanese expression for "gratitude for work". Since I am currently employed at a Japanese Firm, At our weekly meetings, my colleagues and I would greet each other “Otsukaresama” at the end of a long working day or week. I also feel appreciated whenever I receive my monthly paycheck and my boss said to me “ Otsukaresama for this month” Hearing this magical expression, I feel my hard work has been acknowledged and appreciated and this put me in the right frame of mind to start the week.  「おつかれさま」日本では仕事に感謝する時に使う表現です。私は現在日本企業に勤めているので、毎週の社内会議、長い一日や週の終わりに同僚と「おつかれさま」で挨拶を交わします。毎月のお給料日にも、社長から「今月もよく頑張った、お疲れ様」と言われるたびに感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。私にとって、この表現は正に「言霊」そのものです。この表現を聞く度に、なんだが力が湧いて来て、一生懸命頑張る気にもなります。

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