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The Recipe for Studying Abroad ~

Weekly Topic: Must-have Items to Bring for Studying Abroad!

Jul 2, 2021

What are the ingredients for a perfect study trip?

Other than to the usual tools for studying a new language such as books, dictionaries and online courses, I think that the real tools that a person must have during this journey are more 'abstract', i.e. tools that a person cannot touch or hold, but possesses anyway. They are the things that a person brings along with it (and are part of the person’s life).

These tools are actually simple, inexpensive and affordable ... Sure, traveling to your beloved destination wasn't cheap and easy at all, but the tools I’m talking about, the ones that can help you learn a new language, are free.
-The first ingredient of Studying Abroad is PASSION:

You cannot go far without passion and determination. As long as you are happy to learn, passionate and love what you do, then it will be easier for you to do anything. You have to be fond of the language, the culture of the country you are visiting. And passion is connected to the next important item… 
-The second ingredient is CURIOSITY:

If you are studying a new language, I have no doubt that you are a curious person. Curiosity is what makes us alive, it is as a gasoline, it is a mind-set. Be always curious, especially to the unknown things, or those things that seem unfamiliar but maybe they will turn out very interesting. 
-The third ingredient is HAVING A MEANING:

What is the purpose of your travel? Why are you there? Being aware of why you are there is essential. Awareness is a great tool. You have in mind your purposes and this will make your travel more enjoyable, because you want to reach that purpose. When you reach your goal, you will come back home more satisfied and content. I think there should be more than one meaning and it is not only learning a new language. It is a discovery. An exploration. It is to get in touch with a new reality. Because the travel has to expand your horizons and give you a new meaning of life. 
-The fourth ingredient of our recipe is OPEN MINDEDNESS:

Be ready to embrace the new culture and people you will meet. Try your best to meet them and to become part of the community even if for a short time. It will be worth it for sure! There are many ways to meet new people, especially if you a foreign. Even other people can be curious and passionate about your culture. A practical way I found out when I wanted to explore a new culture, but I didn’t know how, I was not able to meet people, was through Tandems. It is an appropriate way and tool if you need to meet local people and have experiences with them. Indeed, you won’t only practice the language but you will also make new friends. Sharing is always the key. It is always a good way.
-And the last ingredient is even simpler than the others are. It is TO HAVE FUN! And there’s not a lot to say about it.
Thanks for reading!

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