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(読書の効果)Effects of Reading - Bibliotherapy

Aug 27, 2021 | 1 Commento

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Hello everyoneHow’s it going these days? It’s Teacher Asuka.


Today, I’m going to talk about ‘Bibliotherapy’. Have you ever heard of this word?


There are almost 350 million people who are suffering from depression in recent world. I’ve heard the Britain’s one of the unique therapies, which such patients are prescribed books, not medicine by the doctors.


It is said that this therapy could be suitable for not only the people in mental disorder but also the people in chronic fatigue, and the people in stress between various human relations.


It is reported that even around 5-minute reading makes especially, those who are suffering from depression reduce stress and feel much better than before.


Such unique therapy is called ‘Bibliotherapy’. This therapy has been spread not only Britain, US, but also New Zealand, and another places.

‘Bibliotherapy’ has prescribed medically for those who are suffering from mental disorder like slight depression, panic symptom, bulimia and so on. In June 2013, it has started by Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).  

The patients are allowed to borrow some books out of thirty prepared books which are specified by NHS in the library, in place of being prescribed some medicine by their family doctors. All the books which are specified by NHS are the books for ‘Self-development’. During three months after starting the ‘Bibliotherapy’, 100 thousand times have been borrowed by the patients in Britain.


The effect of the ‘Bibliotherapy’ has reported as almost the same as therapy by psychiatrist. In addition, the ‘Bibliotherapy’ is no need to pay extra for the treatment as well as not to get side effects like nauseous and dizzy.

In ancient Greece, you were able to have seen the words as ‘A place of healing for the soul’ on the entrance door in the library. The relief rate of stress is a maximum 68%, according to the study at the University of Sussex, UK. They say that more than 30-minute reading will bring us well-being and self-fulfillment. Why don’t you do healing with reading other than drinking coffee, eating sweets, doing exercise, smart phone, or listening to music?

Thank you for staying with me as usual.

See you next time!

Teacher Asuka

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