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Upcoming Vacation: Closed Schedule

Aug 10, 2022

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to let all of my students (and potential new students) know that I will be going on 2 family vacations 25 August - 03 October.

While I use the word 'vacations', they aren't exactly vacations in the relaxation sense.

I will be driving from Wales to France with my husband's family on the 25th of August to help my brother-in-law ready his second home for sale. He has not been to the house in over 4 years due to Covid and other circumstances, so there will be a lot of work!

On the 9th of September, we will drive back to the U.K., but on the 11th of September, I will be flying to the U.S.A. to see my family! I have not been able to see my family for over 2 years due to Covid, visas, and caring for my mother-in-law while she went through cancer treatment.
While there, I will have to travel from Indiana (where my parents live) to Virginia (where one of my brothers live with my nieces), and then to North Carolina (where my grandparents live). 
My husband and I will be helping prepare my grandparents for their move to Indiana later on this year.
After that visit, we will drive back to Indiana to help my parents prepare the house for my grandparents!

I will fly back to the U.K. on 03 October. A very busy 6 weeks!

I'm sorry I will be away for so long, but I will be working until I leave for France and will be right back after I return from America.
For anyone who has booked a lesson pack, please ensure you use your coupons before 24 August, or they will expire. Please do not book a new lesson pack until I return on 04 October.

Thank you,

Elaina :) 

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