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Angélica C Portuguese basic

Portuguese basic

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Portuguese basic

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Aims and Objectives

The aim of the course is to enable students to function at a basic everyday survival level (basic vocabulary, grammar, morphology, syntax and phonetics).

Students should be able to communicate in understand Portuguese on a number of practical everyday matters.



-  Greetings others and introducing oneself, spelling people's name, formal and informal greetings;

- Meeting people and introducing others, making invitations, suggestions and appointments, telling the time;

- Asking and answering questions about travelling and means of transportation.

- Ordering a meal in a restaurant, naming tableware on the table,

- Expressing desires, wishes, preferences, doubts, asking for information (location/direction);

- Describing hotel services expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction;

- Comparing and describing houses and flats, locating objects in the house;

- Talking about daily routine and leisure activities;

- Learning about Brazilian annual calendar.

Course Content

Main topics / themes to be covered

- First contacts, names, nationalities, addresses, professions, numbers up to 100;

- Meeting people, leisure activities and plans for the weekend;

- The time;

- Means of transport;

- Restaurant, bar, invitations, food;

- Hotel reservations, problems with the service at the hotel orientation in the city, numbers up to one billion;

- House and apartments, at the estate agency, decoration social housing;

- Daily activities routines, leisure activities, Brazilian calendar.

 Grammar: The alphabet: spelling & pronunciation; Numbers; Grammatical gender & number agreement; Personal Pronouns (eu, você, ele, ela, nós, vocês, eles, elas); Estar + gerundio; Present Indicative of regular verbs; Possessive adjectives.

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Angélica C
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I have been teaching Portuguese as a second language since 2013 and I am graduated in Portuguese for teaching Foreigners at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. In my Portuguese classes ...

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