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Masumi sensei Japanese Speech correction

Japanese Speech correction

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I correct pronunciation like a natural Japanese.

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*People that can be understood by intermediate or more of Japanese are eligible.
You read with emotion the actual poems and stories 

It is recommended for those who want to perfect the pronunciation of the text you can read the article in the newspaper!
*Time zone* 
* Please book until the third wish * 

However, please work hard to not give up immediately because here will be very tough lesson.
40minutes Let's firmly studying!

It may be very tiring after the lesson is over.
Please rest enough after lessons.
There is nothing in particular to prepare. 
I will prepare the text in advance from here.

However, you want to perfect the text of the text you have now! If there is a demand that is 
There is a need to have a scan

New Students Welcome!

Политика отмены уроков преподавателем

Перед подтверждением запроса
• Вы можете отменить в любое время.

После подтверждения запроса
Менее 3 часа(ов) до начала урока→ Комиссия составит 100% от стоимости.
No-Show→ Комиссия составит 100% от стоимости.

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Masumi sensei
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Hello! My name is Masumi!I’m an outgoing person!I’m offering easy lessons for students to understand!<Self-introduction>My job is a buyer in a fashion industory. I used to wor...

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