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Akiko.T Love Your Voice (Regular)

Love Your Voice (Regular)

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Discover the attractive qualities of your voice (50 minute version)

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Perhaps you don’t have confidence in your voice or struggle with reciting lines. Even though you have a hard time with it, sometimes have you have no choice but to speak in front of people, while giving presentations, doing interviews, speaking at family events, etc.

It’s not necessarily something you would go to a school for, but where can you learn how to improve your voice? It’s not like you’re aiming to become a voice actor or news announcer…

If you can relate to any of the above, please feel free to try this lesson!

Of course, people who are aiming to become pros are also more than welcome.

Private lessons are great because I can adjust them to your level and goals and make them fun!

Lesson Target Level: Complete beginners-basic level
General outline:
0-10 minutes: Counseling (I will ask you about your concerns and objectives)
10-40minutes: Lesson - using your voice in specific ways (based on what you told me during the counseling)
40-50 minutes: Review and wrap up

Translation: 3/2015 - The Cafetalk Team

Acceptance of new students limited
(See profile above for conditions)

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I’m Akiko. I have experience doing narration, dubbing foreign tv shows, appearing in domestic tv shows, etc. Now I focus mainly on recitation events. ☆What I can share with you☆...

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繰り返しトレーニングして、きれいな日本語をめざしましょう。 早口や声のトーンに悩む方にもおすすめです。

Love Your Voice (Regular)

50min 4,900P

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Discover the attractive qualities of your voice (50 minute version)

Pack of 3 (4,833 Points per lesson)



A Voice That Shines! Basic Training

25min 2,500P

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Brush up your expressive skills through practical training. This is a...

Pack of 3 (4,833 Points per lesson)



80min 7,500P

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あと少し、レッスンを延長したい。もう少しだけ続けたい時に。レッスン終了前にお申し出ください。後の時間にゆとりがある場合延長できます。 ※...



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