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Pon Beginner, Intermediate Chinese Lessons (25 min x 8)

Pack of 8 Beginner, Intermediate Chinese Lessons (25 min x 8)

25min 9,800Баллы (1,225 Points per lesson)

Есть пробный урок 20min 500Баллы

Урок Skype

Improve your skills through these continuous lessons! This is a discount package for eight 25 minute lessons. Study systematically!

Учебные материалы

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Lesson Pack Details

This is a 8-lesson pack. You will be issued 7 "coupons" when the first request is confirmed. You will be able to use these coupons for subsequent requests in the pack. Please note that all requests related to this pack must be taken within 45 days of the confirmation date of the first request.

Подробности урока  

Lesson Details
This package is good for eight 25 minute lessons per month.

When you make the request, please tell me which course you would like to take out of the “eligible courses” list below. 

Eligible Courses
This discount package is applicable for the following courses: 

Free Talk in Chinese - 25 min
Reading Comprehension Through Chinese News - 25 min

1. Listening Comprehension - 25 min
2. Speak Like a Chinese Person! - 25 min
3. Chinese For Beginners I and II (With Original Textbook) - 25 min
4. Beginner Chinese Grammar (Develop True Skills) - 25 min
5. Reading Out Loud in Chinese - 25 min
6. Short Term Spoken Chinese: Threshold (Book 1 and 2) - 25 min
7. Short Term Spoken Chinese: Elementary - 25 min
8. Conversational Chinese 301 (Book 1, Book 2) - 25 min

Please Note 
Please book here for your first lesson. After the first lesson is complete, I will issue you 7 100% off coupons. Please use these coupons to book the rest of your lessons. 

Please contact me when our schedules don’t match. I will try my best to adjust my schedule. 

Building up a good base is very important when it comes to learning languages. Let’s work hard together!

Translation: 4/2015 - The Cafetalk Team

New Students Welcome!

Политика отмены уроков преподавателем

Cancellation of pack lessons
• 'Unstarted' lesson packs(1) can be cancelled any time. Used Points will be completely refunded. If a 'started' lesson pack(2) is cancelled, you will be refunded 50% of the price of the remaining lessons provided that the lessons are unrequested, unconfirmed or not within 24 hours of their scheduled start times.
(1) A lesson pack for which none of the requests have been confirmed by the tutor.
(2) A lesson pack with at least one confirmed request. (By confirming the date and time for the first lesson in the pack the tutor confirms the pack as a whole and coupons are automatically issued)

Cancelling individual requests in a pack
• If you wish to cancel a single lesson that belongs to a pack but not the whole pack, you can do so via the request page. In this case, the coupon used to book the lesson will either be refunded or collected, based on the following policy.
Перед подтверждением запроса
• Вы можете отменить в любое время.

После подтверждения запроса
Менее 12 часа(ов) до начала урока→ Coupon will be consumed.
No-Show→ Coupon will be consumed.

Профиль преподавателя  

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Available Times
May change depending on week

Hello everyone~!My name is Pon and I teach Chinese . I have 10 years of experience teaching Chinese in Tokyo. I currently live in Tokyo and teach at a Chinese language school in the heart of the city...

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“グローバル”の今、Englishはもちろんの事で、子供に+α(Chinese or Japanese)を勉強させてみませんか?楽しくし...

“グローバル”の今、Englishはもちろんの事で、子供に+α(Chinese or Japanese)を勉強させてみませんか?楽しくし...


45min 2,300P

Урок Skype


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