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Cafetalk in Argentina!

Cafetalk has partnered up with a high school in Argentina to provide local students with the chance
to talk one on one with native English speakers via Skype.

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Spotlight on the participating tutors:

We selected a group of great tutors who have a wide variety of interests and skills.
Some are even fluent in Spanish as well! But most importantly
they make speaking English fun for the students.

How it Works:

"Cafetalk for Schools" is available both during class time
and for after school enrichment programs.

  • Contact us to explore which programs best fit your needs, with information such as number of participants, age, language level, and school facilities
  • We will design the program and assign highly qualified tutors that fit your program best
  • We will do all of the booking and communicating with the tutors
  • Cafetalk staff will have a rehearsal with the school faculty before the lesson date to make sure everything runs smoothly
  • On the day of the lesson, tutors stand by on Skype over the devices and start the one on one lesson once the students sit down
  • We will send you personalized feedback from the tutors for each student in PDF printable format
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