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Strange and Spooky Halloween Themed Idioms Strange and Spooky Halloween Themed Idioms

"Strange and Spooky" Halloween Themed Idioms

English Idioms Series by Tracy.R

Come explore some strange and spooky idioms and expressions from the United States!

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2019-10-312019-10-31 2019-10-31~2019-10-31

300 points

(tax included 330yen)


Seminar Information

Date and Time: 9:00pm, October 31st (JST)
Target upper-beginner/lower-intermediate

Free (Recorded video will be available for 300pt after the seminar )


30 minutes


Viewers will be introduced to 10 idioms, their usage, origin and an example as well as how common they are in the U.S. There will be a quiz handout that can be downloaded just before the lesson that viewers can fill out as they follow along with the seminar if they want. There will be approximately 10 minutes of Q&A time at the end.
If you watch this live seminar, you can get the 25% off coupon for my Daily Conversation lesson!

Please note that opinions expressed by the tutor during the seminar are the tutor’s and do not necessarily reflect a general opinion by Cafetalk.

Tracy R.

Tracy R.

My name is Tracy and I live in the United States. I have been teaching English since 2011, teaching first in Japan and then returning to the US and teaching online. I love to help students really understand English in order to pursue their dreams. I want to help students not only improve their English, but also to truly enjoy studying.

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