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Business Japanese seminar Business Japanese seminar

Business Japanese seminar for people who are going to start working soon

Ten Japanese phrases that you should know to work in a Japanese company.

Business Japanese seminar


2020-04-212020-04-21 2020-04-21~2020-04-21

500 points

(tax included 550yen)

Seminar Information

Date and Time: April 21th (Tue) 19:00 (JST)
Target Non-native Japanese speakers who started working or would like to work for a Japanese company. (Native Japanese speakers are also welcome) Those who are not confident enough to communicate in Japanese.



Recording available (500 points)
Please note that if you want to watch a recording of the seminar later, you will need to purchase the recording for 500 points. This includes students who watched the original live seminar in real time.


20% Discount coupon available for all viewers


50 mins


1. What is business Japanese?

2. Introduction of useful Japanese phrases

3. What would you say in a certain situation?

4. Q&A

5. Wrapping up of the seminar

Please note that opinions expressed by the tutor during the seminar are the tutor’s and do not necessarily reflect a general opinion by Cafetalk.

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