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Let's make 'Dakgalbi(Korean Spicy Stir-fried Chicken)' in Korean with Zinie! Let's make 'Dakgalbi(Korean Spicy Stir-fried Chicken)' in Korean with Zinie!

Let's make 'Dakgalbi(Korean Spicy Stir-fried Chicken)' in Korean with Zinie!

Dakgaibi is one of the most famous Korean chicken dishes. It has a charming and attractive spicy taste. I will show you how to make 'Dakgalbi' without failures at home! Aren't you curious? Just follow me :) I'll let you know how to make the best taste in a very simple way.

Let's make 'Dakgalbi with Zinie!


2020-04-172020-04-17 2020-04-17~2020-04-17

500 points

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Seminar Information

Date and Time: April 17th (Fri) 11:00 (JST)
Target Beginner to upper intermediate level ※Please note that this seminar will be held only in Korean. If you have any questions during the seminar, please feel free to leave a comment in Korean or English.

Live free / Recording 500pt


If you attend the seminar, I'll offer you a 20% discount coupon for my lessons.


40 minutes


Dakgalbi is one of my favorite dishes. It is also a favorite menu for many travelers to Korea. Stir-fry chicken, vegetables, and spices on an iron plate and add udon or ramyeon to it! THAT'S CRAZY!!!! If you stir-fry rice at the end, it's going to be perfect. The way to make dakgalbi at home is simpler than you think. Anyone can become a dakgalbi chef if you match the golden ratio of the sauce. I'll show you how to make Dakgalbi through this seminar. Extra noodles and rice are not mandatory, so please prepare as much as you want!
+ This seminar will be held in Korean. So it will be a good chance to learn Korean related to cooking and food!

  • * boneless chicken leg : 500g
  • * onion 1/2
  • * potato or sweet potato 1/2
  • * cabbage 300g
  • * gochujang(red pepper paste)
  • * gochutgaru(red pepper powder)
  • * minced garlic
  • * sugar
  • * soy sauce
  • * ground black pepper
  • * sesame oil
  • * udon or ramyeon noodles 200g(option)
  • * cooked rice(option)

Please note that opinions expressed by the tutor during the seminar are the tutor’s and do not necessarily reflect a general opinion by Cafetalk.



Hi, my name is Zinie. I teach Korean at Cafetalk and I also have a YouTube channel introducing Korean food and culture. I enjoy teaching Korean in various ways at Cafetalk. Whenever I meet students who enjoy learning Korean, I feel really rewarded! I hope this seminar will be a fun experience for you :)

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