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Healing Counselor Sets Tutor Profile

If you are a beginner, want to speak more fluently, or want to study grammar together, please try out my lessons!

I studied psychology, so I was a student counselor for a while, but eventually I started teaching Japanese to foreigners, and at the same time, began teaching English conversation classes to small children. After that, I began teaching English conversation classes to adults and tutoring middle school children, however, due to my husband's work transfers, I moved to Korea, then Australia, and now I live in Mexico.

It's been about 4 and a half years since I came here and started learning Spanish, but now I am able to have conversations. When you're studying a language and you want to be able to speak it, as long as you put in effort every day, it'll work out in the end. 

If you change the shape of your mouth, the usage of your tongue, and the way you exhale, your English pronunciation will become so much better. We will work on your pronunciation during these lessons, so please enjoy the changes you will see.

In addition to teaching English, I also offer services as a Skype counselor. I am certified in clinical hypnotherapy, so I can help if you want to learn more about your past life or just want help relaxing. Please take these counseling sessions in English.

My husband works in finance, so I can also proofread English presentations (until now I have had English proofreading requests from interpreters). If you would like something proofread, please send me a message.

Let's face the future and work hard together to get you to speak English smoothly!

English Translation: 7/25/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

Featured Interview

Q. Sets先生、こんにちは。現在はメキシコにお住まいとのことですが、メキシコの暮らしやお住まいの街についてご紹介して頂けますか? A. メキシコシティは人口2,200万人の大都市です。こちらに来る前にはメキシコについての知識は全くありませんでしたので、驚きの連続でした。一番びっくりしたのは運転マナーの悪さです。こちらでは免許書は5,000円ぐらい出せば誰でも手に入れることができるので、ルールを知らない人の方が多いです。自分では運転しないのですが、毎回街に出るたびにひやっとすることがよくあります。 気候に関しては今まで行ったどこの国よりも快適です。一年中23度前後でカラッとしています。乾燥しているので皮膚にはよくないのですがとても住みやすいです。もし治安さえよければ、ここに一生住んでもいいかなと思えるぐらい快適です。今は雨期ですが、夕方何時間か降るだけなので、次の日はまた青空で始まりま...

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