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Published 23 Mar, 2020 | View: 48
チャクラは自分で整えることができ、また、その調整の仕方もいくつかあります。 今回は、パワーストーンを使って誰にでも簡単にできる調整方法です。   パワーストーンは、身体のネガティブな...
Published 20 Mar, 2020 | View: 63
私たちの体には沢山の水分が含まれていて、それは体重の約60パーセントを占めるといわれています。 新生児においては、体重の約80パーセントが水分だそうです。   飲料水として摂取された...
Published 11 Mar, 2020 | View: 63
波動は以下のようなことを行うことで上げることができます。 ・言葉遣いに気をつける ・腹式呼吸をする ・日常的に瞑想を行う 『言葉の威力』にも書きましたが、『言葉遣い』は波動に大きく影響します。 丁寧...
Published 9 Feb, 2020 | View: 122
『言霊』と言うように、言葉には不思議な力が宿っていて、あらゆるものに影響を与えています。 例えば植物。 植物は、優しい言葉をかけられているものとそうでないものの成長の仕方は著しく違います。 優しい言...
Published 4 Dec, 2019 | View: 455
2019年も間もなく終わろうとしていますが、皆さんこの1年をどのように過ごされましたか? 現在クリスマスフェアで[遠隔ヒーリング]を半額にて提供しています。是非この機会に1年の疲れをヒーリングで癒や...


Ikuko.M Профиль преподавателя

Hi there,
During the early years of my life I experienced many meaningful times of psychic phenomena which has helped me become very sensitive to people more and the atmosphere and vibration around them which developed more and more as I entered into adulthood. But this sensitivity was not pointed out to me and explained to me until, by chance, I met a SPIRITUALIST MEDIUM who introduced me to MEDITATION and the practice of ATTUNING to the HIGHER VIBRATION and THE SPIRIT WORLD. Over time my MEDIUMSHIP developed by attending DEVELOPMENT COURSES and SEMINARS at the renowned ARTHUR FINDLAY COLLEGE in England.

I truly believe that development of one's MEDIUMISTIC GIFTS allows you LIGHT and LOVE find expression in the most wonderful of ways and it allows the SPIRIT WORLD to operate through us and to bring their UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, GUIDANCE, UPLIFTMENT and HEALING via the MEDIUMSHIP of those they choose here upon the Earth Plane to use as their INSTRUMENT(MEDIUMS) to those seeking that SPIRITUAL HELP at times of need in life. This is the pathway I have willingly chosen and such important work and to be able to bring the ESSENCE of their WORLD into that of our own of MATTER.

I have travelled to Nepal, India and Peru for solitude because MEDITATION is so important in my life. It brings you various benefits such as RELAXATION and INNER PEACE. It also brought me a greater AWARENESS, INNER STRENGTH and WISDOM. I have come to realised that 'WE ARE ALL EQUAL' and we all come here to the Earth Plane to experience physical life within a material vibration in order to gain knowledge, awareness and understanding of that particular area of consciousness. Also I have realised that 'THOUGHT HAS POWER' and your THOUGHTS, BELIEF and CONSCIOUSNESS create your reality and future. I have also realised that LIFE is to be LIVED and to ENJOY, not just ENDURE.

My great passion is healing others by facilitating the spiritual gifts I have developed and along with a greater understanding of life, to help those in need find solutions to difficult life experiences or trauma and to teach others how to MEDITATE.

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