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Christian Dakin Tutor Profile

Hello! My name is Christian. I am from south Georgia, and I studied both international trade and Japanese at Georgia Southern Univeristy. I have a variety of interests such as movies, exercise, music, Japanese, and more! I have had several opportunities to teach students in both Japan and America, and I hope to continue helping students to improve their language skill.

During my undergrad I was able to study abroad for a year at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies in Aichi prefecture. While in Nagoya I tutored university students and worked at the weekly English lounge at the college. I love meeting new people and discussing Japanese culture or sharing my own. 

I am currently assisting with my university's Japanese classes as an assitant. I help to answer questions in class, go over homework, and practice speaking with students. I also am the president of Japanese club at the univeristy and prepare weekly presentations about varying cultural topics such as food, fashion, and music.

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