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Masatomo Takaoka Профиль преподавателя

Hello this is Masa。

Please call me Masa.
I currently live in Fukuoka now.
I'm a monk and work for temple.

This picture is main hall of the temple I've been working for.

My hobby is going travel and cooking.
I've been going travel for 14 countries so far. I like cooking Japanese foods and meals from all over the world.

I had visited kindergarden when I went to Indonesia.

While working at the temple, I also teach Japaenese to students.
I am a certificated teacher for teaching Japanese.

Six years alreay has been passed since I started teaching Japanese. I have experiences of teaching Japanese to forign students such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Chinese, Nepalese, Philipine, Myanmer and Thailand.

Forigner students whom I teach usually told me they have troubles on daily basis like...

"I would like to study Japanese, but I don't have time to do that since I don't have a day off."

"I don't have any place to learn Japanese near by me."

"Because I don't have Japanese friends, I barely talk with people in Japanese."

"I had trouble at hospital or store because I didn't understand Japanese."

"I'm not able to read documents of school or city hall."

"I want to learn Japanese and work in Japan in the future."

Please feel free to ask me anything about Japanese like talking to your family or friends.

You can take the trial lesson for free first.

I can teach you from begginer level to JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N2.

Let's study together with lots of fun if you are thinking to take this course.

〜I'll teach you slowly to make it easy for you to understand in fun way〜

Let's learn Japanese with enjoyning!
I'm looking forward to seeing you in the class.

楽(たの)しみながら 日本語を学習(がくしゅう)しましょう!

我叫朋。所以朋友们叫我MASA. 我希望能和你一起渡过愉快的时间。

Xin chào! Tôi tên là Masa.
Tôi hộp Việt một chút.
Tôi đang mong chờ có thể gặp mọi người

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