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Japanese Language Refresher Course for Teachers
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Profilo di Paolo Lodi

Buongiorno e Buonasera!! みなさん、こんにちは!こんばんは!

My name is Paolo and I'm an Italian and Japanese language teacher. I'm also a translator and an interpreter and I work with 4 languages (Italian, English, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese). 日本語も出来るから、メールは日本語、英語、イタリア語。。。どれでも大丈夫です!


About me

I'm from Rome, the capital of Italy, I have studied Architecture in Rome and Osaka. I lived in Japan for 25 years in total, mainly in the Kansai area. But I don't speak Osaka-ben! ;). Please check it!

Currently, I live in Rome after spending 5 years in London after Japan. I like cooking, movies, tv-series and travelling. I am a very calm and patient teacher. I can teach to children as well as elderly people.



About my lessons

Materials: I provide one or more textbook that I can send for free to my students by Skype, depending on student level and interest. Of course, if you have your preferred text I am flexible. 

I also provide a proof-reading check. Any kind of text you want to be controlled please send me at least one day before.

During the first Free lesson (15 minutes) I don’t provide a real language lesson, but it is only a test to check the student level and his/her interest and I provide also an explanation on how will be the following lessons fitted around the student.

I give always homework so you can study also out of the lesson time. I am also available for any question. So the student is not left alone between one lesson and the other.



Grazie mille e vi aspetto!





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