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Michael G Профиль преподавателя


I am a CELTA qualified and experienced English teacher (more than 10years) who graduated from University with a BA in English Literature & Creative Writing.

I am a native speaker of British English (from the South) with an easily understood accent. I am also very familiar with American English (I am a dual citizen of UK&USA) and Australian & NZ English (I have lived in both coutries) and will always point out their differences to you.

I am currently living in the UK (do you know the Cotswolds?) with my wife Stephanie (she is also a Cafetalk teacher!) and our two young boys Jacob (2yrs old) and Sebastian (6months).

Stephanie and I have had an interesting life together and for the 10 years before having children we were lucky enough to have lived, travelled and worked in many different countries around the world including Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, The Phillipines, Australia,New Zealand and many more. We have also travelled through more than 30 countries together! 

As well as teaching and travel, I particularly love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. To relax I play the guitar and write songs (I am a singer songwriter and have played in bands in some big venues all around England!) and being from England I of course love Premier League football! I am a big fan of West Ham United and am always happy to have a chat about anything football or sports related! I also have other quite varied interests that I enjoy discussing and would be delighted to talk with you about most topics, this can include music, politics, business, current affairs, culture or anything else that you have an interest in and would like to speak about! 

Above all I am a friendly, reliable, patient and fun teacher. I have experience teaching students of all ages, language levels and nationalities. My promise to my students is that I will always teach well planned, challenging, fun lessons where you will do most of the talking.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Q. Hi Michael, please tell us a little bit about yourself. A. Hello everybody, my name’s Michael and I come from England. I have been very lucky to have led a very interesting life so far! I grew up in a small town in SE England and graduated University with a BA in Literature & Creative Writing. After completing my studies I decided to embrace my passion for songwriting and formed a pretty s...

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