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Raya Профиль преподавателя

Hi! I'm Raya, and I'll be happy to help you learn English!

Certified TESOL–Native American English Speaker

I’m from Chicago, in the United States, so I’m a native speaker of American English. I have a B.A. degree in international business culture, and I’m TESOL certified (teacher of English to speakers of another language).

My Experience Learning Japanese...

I studied Japanese for 3 years in a University - and I began to 'speak freely' by listening with earphones to 日本語のみ Nihongo-only a little bit, every day!

Click below for my welcome introduction!

Japanese Business Experience.. From a 'Gaijin' Perspective!


"Take off my shoes???"
From 2001-2004 was my first experience working in Japan. So I know how embarrassing it can be doing business in a different culture!

I had kind mentors, and discovered how to accommodate the complex Japanese business culture, as a Gaijin! (We can laugh together about many funny incidents...)

I enjoyed the challenges of learning to work with sophisticated Japanese clients such as executives at Seiko. I collaborated with Japanese executives and engineers on high-tech development of a hand-held English language translation tool and a hand-held Kanji reader.

In addition to learning the rules of doing business in Japan, I also discovered the beauty of the Japanese people, and culture- and I miss my long visits there!

Now I live in the north of Israel, out in the countryside, and from here we can connect easily on the internet to work together. I'll help you overcome fear and embarrassment to 'Speak Freely' in English.

Learning English is like a secret code that opens doors. What I will help you figure out is: What doors do you want to open? To a new job? New friends? Travel? School? Exciting Work?

I have the heart of a teacher.

 My excitement will be sharing your exitement as your English improves, and we work together to open up your magic doors.

Are you ready get started? Please choose a preview of one of my lessons, and let's get your English to the next level!

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