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Profilo di Natz

Me and My Teaching Experience

Hello students! My name is Teacher Natz.

I finished a bachelor’s degree from a reputable university.

I started teaching English in 2011 to Koreans, Japanese and Chinese kids and adults.  I teach all levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced students.

Teaching Style

My teaching style depends much on the level and personality of the students.

I use flashcards, pictures, body language, and games.  

Whenever necessary, I make corrections on grammar, pronunciation, and send feedback after each class.

I give students challenges when they need them and I can be patient when they need more time.

Repetitive drills are used to develop skills in reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Classes are always open for
questions and suggestions; we can talk about a wide variety of topics; classes are laid back and fun but result oriented.

My interests

I love swimming.

I love cross-stitching.

I love playing the piano

I love talking about movies.

I love hanging out with friends and family.

I love talking about the environment and the conservation of it.

I love teaching.


I hope to see you in my class.

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