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Published 14 Apr, 2020 | View: 307
久しぶりのコラムです!新型コロナウイルスにより休校や外出自粛で不自由な生活になっていますね。皆様のご無事を心から祈っております。3月のことになるのですが 私のオンラインレッスンをNHK札幌の芳川アナ...
Published 30 Sep, 2017 | View: 3241
先日北海道の広尾町でコンサートがあり、サンタランドで演奏して参りました♪ こちらにお住まいのカフェトークでもお馴染み、英語の【Steve先生】がなんと聴きに来て下さいましたーーー!!! 嬉しい!...
Published 11 Apr, 2017 | View: 2568
ボイストレーナーのSayaです! 来たる4月19日は『トークの日』! レッスンポイントの半額がバックするというお得な日ですので、声を出したい!久しぶりに歌いたい!という方、この機会にぜひご利用下...
Published 23 Nov, 2016 | View: 2842
今北海道はマイナス7℃だそうです。。。。オーマイガー泣 関東も雪が降る予想ですので皆さんあたたかい服装でお出かけ下さいね^^ 11月も終盤にさしかかっていますが、前半は演奏ツアーと大きな...
Published 27 Oct, 2016 | View: 3050
♪ソプラノ・ボイストレーナーのSayaです♪ 東北への演奏ツアーから帰ってきました。今回コンサートは9つあり、一日3回の日も。岩手県の仮設や施設、公民館をまわってきました。たくさんの方々の笑顔がみ...

Hello! I'm Saya Kawashima and I'm a soprano singer.

The first time I ever heard opera, I was so moved by the beauty. I wondered how a human could produce that kind of voice and marveled at the infinite possibilities of the human body. Ever since then I have been active as a soprano singer (about 10 years).

I am originally from Sapporo, Hokkaido, but I am currently living in Portland, USA. Please take a look at my profile at the bottom of the page to see my activities up until now.

Learn How Fun Singing Is!
The "voice" is the most amazing and unique "musical instrument." And it's natural! We have been equipped with it since birth. Your voice is unique to you, and it's the only one in the world like it. Let's use that voice to discover the fun in singing!

 ~Start Here~
I myself took voice lessons via Skype from an American teacher when I was still living in Japan. At first I was a little worried, but the lessons felt totally complete and they weren't any different from taking lessons in person. I saw the light!

I definitely recommend online lessons if you can't commute, can't leave the house for too long, want to take advantage of your spare time, and of course, want to learn how to sing!

★ ★ From America to the World ★ ★
I will carefully create lessons that meet your individual needs whether you are a child or an adult, a complete beginner or an amateur singer. I have learned the fundamentals of song through studying vocal music. Furthermore, in the US I have not only studied language and performance, but also anatomy and phonetics. I can help you through any issues that you may have with different types of songs and genres. I am always happy to take questions and requests, so please feel free to contact me.

First things first, regardless of the genre, proper breathing technique is crucial! Then after you get to know your voice well, you will be able to sing as you wish!

Classical Voice Lessons
Vocal music lessons. You will learn opera and techniques to sing onstage without using a microphone. Active choir members are also welcome to join.

Non-Classical Voice Lessons
Learn the techniques you need for genres like Broadway, Jazz, and Pop. In these lessons, you will learn the appropriate vocal techniques for each different genre. A must for those of you who want to sing not only Japanese songs, but also captivating American broadway and pop songs! You can have fun and feel good singing songs in English too!

〇 ○ Words to Live By ○ 〇
Right before your eyes, thorough, steady
(I think that carefully breaking everything down piece by piece is the most appealing aspect of Japanese people's personalities)

Transform problems into opportunities
(Whenever I face a setback in America, these words help me get back on my feet)

Take your time
(It's important to always keep calm)

Thank you.
(To the world and beyond! Be thankful for everything)


Hometown: Sapporo, Hokkaido.

Education: Hokkaido University of Education Iwamizawa Campus, Department of Fine Arts, Music Major. Completed graduate school at the same university.

Sapporo Art Festival: First Prize

Mainichi Classic, Vocal Music Class: 2nd Place

Singing the national anthem at Panasonic's Koshien Bowl, broadcasted across the nation

Yoshinao Nakada Remembrance Competition: 1st Place

Placing at various other competitions

I don't only perform opera! I have also been in musicals such as "The Sound of Music," in which I played the lead role and was given high praise.

I am currently enrolled in an apprenticeship program in the United States through which I am devoting myself to the study of performance. I am also currently researching vocal music pedagogy to be able to teach not just to Japanese students, but to students worldwide. 

English Translation: 6/30/2014 - The Cafetalk Team

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