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カフェトークの皆様こんにちは! 英語発音指導士のYuせんせいです!   久しぶりにコラムが書きたくなったのでお題に乗っかってみます。 【もしもタイムマシンに乗れたら&hel...
Published 29 Jun, 2019 | View: 744
みなさんはじめまして!英語発音指導士のYuせんせいです!ヾ(●゚∀゚●)ノ 突然ですが、私は洋画が大好きでよくみています。   そこで、インプットはしているけどアウトプ...

Hello everyone! \(^o^)/
I'm English pronunciation instructor Yu!
How about taking English pronunciation lessons with me?

I can't say I have an amazing personal history with the the study of English,
but I watch the workings of the mouth and help each student find their trouble spots and correct them!
The lesson content features vowel practice, intonation practice using a text of 600 to 700 words, work presentations, movie scenes and music, as well as requests from students. 
By listening to a native speaker and reproducing and repeating what we hear, we can get closer to native level pronunciation! 
  • "I know lots of English travel expressions but can't make myself understood."
  • "My test scores are high but I can't speak on the phone."
  • "I'd like to speak a little to the native teacher after my kids' English conversation class."
  • ”I'm not tone-deaf but I just can't sing western music" 
These and other pronunciation issues can be fixed and you can become "A person who can speak English".
I'll also teach you about those "there is that" things that many people misunderstand(*^^*)

Perhaps one day you'll be able to sing ♬a musical♬ at home with your child…!☆彡

Why not leave your pronunciation correction up to me?I look forard to hearing from you ₍๐•ᴗ•๐₎

【 Cafetalk Translation / July 2020 】
Please note that this profile has been translated by Cafetalk for easier understanding. 

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