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DITALS (Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language) II
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Published 24 Aug, 2015 | View: 1830
L'estate è il periodo in cui i peperoncini colorano le mie giornate in campagna. Ne ho piant...
Published 29 Jun, 2015 | View: 2197
Il mio giardino in questo periodo si è colorato di viola. La lavanda è fiorita e tutt...

Virginia V. Профиль преподавателя

Ciao! I'm Virginia, an experienced teacher of Italian as a Foreign and Second Language. 

After my graduation in Foreign Languages and Cultures at the University of Venice, I taught italian in Osaka, Japan for more than a year and in Italy (Modena, the town of Ferrari, Parmigiano Reggiano and Aceto Balsamico!) for more than 12 years. In 2013 I changed my life: I moved in the beautiful Tuscan countryside to live surrounded by vineyards, olive trees and a stunning view from the hillock my house is on.

Here in Tuscany, I'm teaching italian in Home Tuition and through Skype. 

Who am I?

I'm a quiet, patient and helpful person. I adore my Country in general and Tuscany in particular, expecially what's related to traditions and culture. 
I travelled extensively in my 20’s and early 30’s in Europe, Asia and North America, learning and engaging with many cultures around the world. I love the discovery process that comes with travelling and meeting new people.
I love spending time reading, cooking (Italian food of course!) and gardening.

What are my lessons like?

- I love grammar, so be ready to explore it. But don't worry! My students say I teach grammar in a funny and interactive way. 

- Be prompt to speak and communicate! This is the main path you need to follow in order to master a foreign language. Moreover, I love listening to my students!

- Interaction is my keyword.

Feel free to contact me for a trial lesson!

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