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Hello, everyone! I am Asako :)

My Background♪

I was born and raised in Nara, Japan. When I was 13, I moved to the U.K. on my own to study at a boarding school in a lovely countryside of England. I am now back in Japan for the summer having very recently finished my degree in Music at University of Birmingham.

When I am not visiting my family and friends in Japan, I live in Birmingham where I work as an assistant organist of the city concert halls. I also work as a part-time waitress at a lovely boutique hotel in the city centre.

About my lesson♪

Having studied in a boarding school in the countryside of England where I was the only Japanese pupil, I had no choice but to learn to speak English, gradually developing what's considered to be a typical British English!

My lessons will focus around conversational topics such as the current trends and lifestyles of the British people, including music and fashion. I also intend to help by answering any questions you might have about English (pronunciation, grammar, sentence construction and expressions etc.). My lessons will also be useful for those who are considering visiting England for both study and leisure - I will be able to provide you with some tips and useful phrases too :)

For children, I will provide fun and enjoyable lessons using English nursery rhymes and simple songs as well as some picture books!

My hobbies♪

My hobbies are: travelling and taking pictures wherever I go; cooking as well as eating & drinking yummy things; and watching movies and tv shows in my free time. 

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you at one of my trial lessons! 

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