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Ceci C Профиль преподавателя

♪ こんにちは、セシといいます♪ よろしくお願いします

Hello, my name is Ceci.  I live in London

Born in Hong Kong and grew up in the UK, I am a native speaker of Cantonese and English, and a fluent speaker of Mandarin.
I love travelling, reading, meeting new friends, trying out new restaurants and studying Japanese. 

I have been studying Japanese using Cafetalk for 4 years (passed N2) and can communicate with you in simple Japanese! 


♪ Qualifications

I have been teaching Cantonese in weekend schools for Chinese children in the UK for 4 years. I have been offering private English tutoring for Chinese and Japanese kids and students for many years.

I am a very friendly and patient teacher, and I believe that the journey is everything - once you develop a passion for learning, you will never stop improving. 

♪  About my Cantonese and English Lessons
Therefore it is important for me that my students enjoy their learning experience. We can improve our ability to communicate by having natural and casual conversations in a flexible and relaxed manner.

  • During our lessons, you will be the one doing most (about 80%) of the talking, then we will explore grammar patterns, build vocabulary and explore your most natural speaking style together. 
  • I will correct your mistakes and give you feedback after lessons.  
  • Lesson plans and topics are flexible. With my support, we can work out the most comfortable way to meet you personal goals. 
  • All levels are welcome
♪ My specialty in science and medicine 
I am a Global Health professional and I hold a PhD in medicine

If you are interested in studying/working in the UK but are worried about the best way to go about it, I am here to provide guidance and support for your applications, advice for your choices of university.
*Ask me if you would like to apply for Oxford/Cambridge*

Are you ready to take your language learning to the next level? 

I look forward to meeting you!!!

Best regards,


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