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I never liked hurting people's feelings, even if that meant telling them the truth. In the past, I ...
Welcome students!

My name is Nadine and I am from Canada. I have been teaching English for 9 years. I lived in Kyoto, Japan from 2011 to 2012 where I worked at a junior high school in Hyogo Prefecture. While living in Japan, I also taught students of all ages privately. I currently have a home school business here in Canada where I teach ESL as well. I also am experienced in teaching Japanese students online. I am a TESOL certified teacher and have a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources.

I am also a language learner. I've been learning Japanese for many years now and acquired my JLPT N5 level a few years ago. I understand the frustrations that come with learning a language but I can help you get over them. My lessons are geared to help you with speaking, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. You can tell me about your difficulties and we can focus on them so you can correct them and use them in daily life.

It would be great to meet you all and help you with your English goals. If you're available outside my work hours, please do not hesitate to request a lesson time from me as I might be able to open a time that fits your schedule. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you very much.

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