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Hello everyone! I’m Yuki! I live in Brisbane, Australia with my Australian partner and our two year old son. I have been living here since 2007. Please allow me to introduce myself.

I have been involved with English for a very long time now. I aimed to become a near native English speaker without leaving Japan. I truly believed that it was possible to become fluent without studying abroad, so even though I had some failures along the way, I kept up with my English studies. I bought a lot of reference guides and attended an English correspondence course as well as two English conversation schools. Through trial and error, I finally found the most effective study method for me and that method has helped me build up my English skills.

As far as my work experience involving English goes, when I still lived in Japan I taught English to middle schoolers at a cram school (1 year), worked as a children’s English teacher (4 years), and now I have been teaching English conversation classes to adults for over 3 years. In my free time I also regularly head English chat sessions and discussions on Skype.

Strengths: teaching grammar, English study methods, daily conversation, pronunciation training 

English Certifications
Eiken Level 1 (obtained in 2000)
TOEIC 880 (obtained in 2005)

Now I would like to talk a little bit about my lessons.

Continuation is the key to raising your English skills. However, it may be hard to notice an improvement if you only take lessons once or twice a week. My lessons specialize in offering total support for English improvement. What I offer doesn’t stop at just the lessons. I will also offer you advice and plans on how to give yourself practical training at home. If you are in an environment where you wouldn’t normally use English, it is crucial to think of an effective plan and an effective way to keep on training. Your language skills won’t improve immediately, but you can get completely different results in the same amount of time depending on how effectively you study. I want everyone to improve as quickly as possible! Therefore, I try to set up my lessons in a way that will help you reach this goal. I hope my lessons, study plans, and training ideas help you improve your English skills.

I offer courses for different levels.

【Continuous Courses】
①Beginner Level - In this course you will strengthen your grammar and speaking skills
②Intermediate Level - Intensive course in listening and speaking
③Beginner~Intermediate Level - Travel English Course
④Beginner~Intermediate Level - Improve your “output” (writing and speaking) skills

【Single Course (No Lesson)】
☆Coaching in English Study Methods☆

Each course will progress as follows (excluding Coaching in English Study Methods)

① Reserve “Level Check and Course Consultation for First Timers”
② Preparations (after your lesson is confirmed, I will send you an English study survey and a grammar comprehension check)
③ Level Check and Course Consultation for First Timers (first half) (Skype)
④ Level Check and Course Consultation for First Timers (second half) (Skype)
⑤ Effective and practical training methods (only if requested) (Skype)
⑥ Free trial lesson (Skype)
⑦ Course (lesson) begins (Skype)
⑧ At home study, making a training plan, support (only if requested) (Skype)

In any of these courses, you will first learn how to express yourself properly in English and talk about yourself (for example your job, hobbies, family, etc.) through training (English writing, speaking practice). After that, we will build up your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation, listening, and speaking skills. I work very hard to offer each and every one of you lessons that fit your individual level and address your weak points. The curriculum and contents of each course are based the study methods I have constructed.

For your first lesson, please request “Start Here! Level Check and Course Consultation for First Timers.” After the lesson is confirmed, I will send you a survey and a grammar check sheet.

If you have any questions concerning my lessons, please feel free to send me a message(*^^*)

After a lesson has been confirmed, you can only cancel it 48 hours before the scheduled time without incurring a cancellation charge. After that, I will collect a fee depending on when you cancelled. Please understand that I work very hard to create personalized lessons that are perfect for you. Additionally, please note that due to network related issues, my lessons are voice call only.

English Translation: 12/30/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 



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