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Published 18 May, 2020 | View: 181
I was able to reach a new milestone today. Thank you for continuing to have lessons with me. See yo...

Hello, I'm Cris.

I'm a native speaker from California, USA. 

A little background about me, I worked for an Architectural firm in California as a Site planner and designer.

I have also worked as a technical Illustrator for an environmental firm. 

I have a degree in Computer Graphics and two certificates as a Graphic artist. 
I also hold a certificate as a handyman. 
I have worked in construction, roofing, forklift driver, and other fields.

I love to travel and DIY projects as a hobby along with gaming.
I also love the outdoors.   

I have experience teaching English for over 10 years now. This
includes teaching students from the age of 2 up to my oldest student being 83!
I have worked for different Eikaiwas in the Tokyo area and Jukus such as Waseda Juku. I also have experience teaching in Internationals schools and am currently working for New World English.

 Give me a try! You'll enjoy it. 
1. Are you shy when you speak English? 

2. Have you memorized thousands of vocabulary words and grammar rules, but never get to use them in conversations? 

3. Are you looking for a friendly English teacher who will make learning English fun?

If you answered yes to any of these questions (or all of them!) Then I can help!

I've got experience teaching students ranging from elementary/primary school to adult, beginners to advanced students. Don't worry if you think your grammar isn't great. You don't have to feel nervous. Learning a language should be fun.

I specialize in:

• General Conversation (Free Talking, American, Idioms, etc) 
• Business Conversation and Etiquette 
• Job Interview Preparation 
• Resume or CV Restructuring (Proofreading & Revisions) 
• Public Speaking 
• Pronunciation
• English Grammar 
• Accent Reduction 
• Social Issues / Current Event Topics 

Lessons for children:

I have many fun lessons that are tailored to young students. All of my lessons for children include games and songs that help to reinforce what was learned. These methods have proven very successful with past students. 

My lesson plan: 
Since I understand that every student learns in different ways, I do not use the same lesson plan for all of my students. I create custom-tailored lessons to meet each student's exact needs based upon their English comprehension and proficiency levels by assisting them in the areas that they would like to experience and see improvement the most. I use many creative learning exercises that are effective methods and interesting. Some of my ESL materials include worksheets, written and verbal exercises, real-world situations, role-playing.

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