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Published 21 May, 2020 | View: 226
Nowadays, I don't use any kind of social media all that often, but when I was a child, I played an ...

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Hello! My name is Danielle. I am from the United States and I just graduated from university. For the past few years, I have gained experience as an ESL tutor/teacher while living in Japan and China.

I have worked a variety of jobs in my lifetime, such as an ESL tutor, promotional model, interpreter and Japanese tarento (you may have seen me on TV)!

If you need me to explain any lesson points in Japanese or Mandarin, I am happy to do so!

If you are interested in learning English with me, feel free to book a lesson! I am happy to help you on your journey of learning English!

初めまして!ダニエルと申します! 去年大学を卒業して現在モデルと英語の先生として働いています。




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