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Tutor’s Columns

Tantissime notizie e curiosità del mondo dai nostri tutor di Cafetalk!
Published 18 May, 2019 | View: 316
안녕하세요? 오랜만에 칼럼을 씁니다. こんにちは。久しぶりにコラムを書きます。일상다반사는 일본어로 日常茶飯事라는 뜻이에요. 일상다반사は日本語で日常茶飯事という意味です...
Published 17 Oct, 2018 | View: 1076
こんばんは。ミンジです。 今日は特別なニュースとかはないですが、空がとてもきれいだったので、それをお見せしたくてコラムを書きます。 先週までは結構肌寒かったですが、最近は暖かくなってます。 ...
こんばんは。ミンジです。 最近、いままでやったことのないこととか、あまり好きではなかったことをいろいろ挑戦しています. その一つで8月に挑戦したのは映画鑑賞です。 本当は映画自体はあまり好きで...
Published 12 Aug, 2018 | View: 1068
サルプリチュムは、柔らかく軽い白い布を持って踊る舞で、静的かつ幻想的な動作が特徴である韓国の伝統舞踊です。 最近、私がとてもはまっていて、週1回くらい習っています。 太平舞という別の舞とサルプリ...
btsのJIN君が歌った< Epiphany>という曲です。 メロディーとJIN君の歌声、歌詞はもちろん、曲のメッセージもすごくいいので、 聞いていると心が癒されます。 韓国語の部分がわからな...

Profilo di Minji

Hello. I’m Minji and I’m a Korean instructor.

When I was in high school, I did a home stay with a family in Kumamoto because I was interested in Japan. It left a wonderful impression on me and inspired me to learn how to express my thoughts in Japanese and share Korean language and culture with the Japanese.

Due to that experience, I started studying Japanese when I returned to Korea.
In 2011 I completed a certification course in teaching Korean, so now I can teach it to foreigners.
I also have experience teaching Korean to Japanese students online.

Learning from a person instead of a book/the internet helps you learn more about that country’s culture, lifestyle, history, and all sorts of other three dimensional aspects, which I think makes learning the language even more fun.

I will work my hardest to create fun lessons like that for you, so please join me if you want to have enjoy learning Korean.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Translation: 1/2015 - The Cafetalk Team


Q. Hi Minji! Can you tell us about yourself? A. Hello, my name is Minji. I teach Korean at Cafetalk. I visited Kumamoto for two weeks when I was in high school. I stayed with the homestay family, and I wanted to teach Korean to Japanese from that moment. I am learning Japanese, Japanese culture and society until now. My goal is to become a Korean teacher who can tell amazing stories about Korean ...

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