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When I was in school, my favourite topic to study was Social Studies. Social studies in Canada is a...

General Notices

About Me

Hi, my name is Becca. I am from Canada! I have many diverse interests including making movies, acting, interior decorating and reading. I love to go to the theatre and usually see over 100 plays a year! I am also a lover of travel and food. I have travelled to China, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Italy, the Philippines and Indonesia. I have lived in Japan and Quebec, Canada. 


Experience and Education
In Japan and Quebec, I was an ESL teacher. I actually started teaching over 9 years ago at a college in Southern Alberta. I did a teaching program in Quebec called Odyssey, where I taught to elementary school children. I then became a Coordinator for all the summer programs at the College until leaving for Japan. In Japan, I taught at a special needs school and a senior high school for three years. It was great because I got to make really creative lessons to have fun learning English. 


Because I have taught so many different ages I have a lot of creative ideas that I have adapted for one age and then used for another. I truly believe adults like to have fun learning too!


As for my education, I am a constant learner. I have two bachelor degrees, one in Science in Psychology, and in the Arts in Political Science. I also have a TEFL certificate. In addition to all this I also attend acting classes, classes on trauma in students, active listening techniques, as well as many other specialized classes. 

自身の教育についてですが、私は常に新しい事を学び生きています。 大学では2つの学士号を取得しています。1つは心理学の科学で、もう1つは政治科学の芸術です。 TEFL証明書も持っています。 これらすべてに加えて、演技のクラス、学生のトラウマに関するクラス、アクティブリスニングテクニック、その他多くの専門クラスにも参加しています。

I do have experience teaching privately to students studying for IELTS. 


My most recent position was as a LINC ( Language Instruction for Newcomers) Instructor for the past 3 years. This program was unique as it was based on a portfolio full of adult students' progress in English. Assessments were based in real-world tasks and divided up by level. For example, such as calling an ambulance, using a bank machine and applying for a job. 

私の最近のポジションですが、直近3年間はLINC(新人向けの言語指導)インストラクターを務めていました。 このプログラムは、成人学生の英語の進歩に満ちたポートフォリオに基づいていたため、ユニークでした。 テストは実際の生活に基づいており、レベルごとに分割されています。 たとえば、どのように英語で救急車を呼ぶか、ATMの使い方、仕事の探し方や面接での対応などです。

My Specialities and classes

All my varied experience has made me a well-rounded instructor. I am very good at adapting resources to different levels and making lessons interesting. I am empathetic, open-minded and flexible. I am very good at having discussions about multiple topics. I have been told I connect easily to students and I have a great sense of humour. 


今までのさまざまな経験すべてが、私をオールラウンドなインストラクターにしてくれました。 私はリソースをさまざまなレベルに適応させ、レッスンを面白くするのが得意です。 私は共感的で、オープンマインドで、柔軟です。 私は複数のトピックについて話し合うことが非常に得意です。 私は生徒とすぐに打ち解けると言われ、ユーモアのセンスがとてもいいです。

I also have been a language learner in places I did not speak the language, so I understand how challenging learning a language can be. I speak intermediate Japanese and French, but I am always learning more. 

私自身も他の言語を他の土地で学んでいたので、他言語を学ぶことの難しさを知っています。 私は中級程度の日本語とフランス語を話しますが、今も常に学び続けています。

As you can see most of my classes are around all that I have talked about above. I want to help others, so I chose topics that I felt might help others, in addition to regular English practice and speaking practice.  

ご覧のとおり、私のクラスのほとんどは、上記で説明したすべてに関連しています。 人の助けになりたい、通常の英語の練習やスピーキングの練習に加えて、他の人を助けるかもしれないと感じたトピックを選びました。

Hope to see you in class! Let's reach your goals and grow together! 
クラスでお会いしましょう! あなたの目標を達成し、共に成長しましょう!


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