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Sara Japanese Профиль преподавателя

Hello! I'm Sara Japanese. Please call me Sara-san.

I was born in Shinagawa, Tokyo. I live in Yamato, Kanagawa.
I have a certificate from the Japanese Language Teaching Competency. I have not been teaching Japanese grammar but I have been teaching 'Seikatsu no yakunitatsu Nihongo' to People living in Japan for more than 2years.

( 'Seikatsu no yakunitatsu Nihongo' is  useful to know in your life in Japan : informations for disaster prevention, communication in hospital, announcements from school...)

While you understand the language, you will able to understand custom too. 

Ski in Hokkaido
My hobbies are Traveling, Tea ceremony and learning foreign languages. I'm interested in animal and health. 
I've been studing psychology in a open university.

Sometimes learning a new things might not be all that easy however when you could overcome the difficulties, you can truly enjoy learning and finding the improvement of your skill.

I am looking forward to seeing you.

**Depending on the season, the lesson available time might be changed.

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