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Hello! My name is Rie and I am a  Wellness & Happiness advisor/yoga instructor.

★Yoga is not just about mastering difficult poses or understanding spiritual components. Of course, it is not just stretching either. Yoga truly feels great★

Once I found yoga, not only did my body change, but my spirit, way of thinking, point of view, and feelings changed as well. Many people who try yoga allude to these types of changes, but in order to truly understand it, you must know that the original purpose of yoga is self awareness.

Yoga is not just a fitness craze, it is a wonderful method of attaining self awareness and taking care of your body and mind. The “Wellness & Happiness Yoga” lesson that I offer is a private salon yoga lesson that’s focused entirely on you. Define your yoga goals and experience the absolute best results by making it a habit to incorporate yoga into your everyday life.

★Salon Yoga Lessons Are All About You and Your Needs★

Wellness & Happiness is about keeping your mind and body in their best possible state. It doesn’t mean that you have absolutely no health or relationship problems. It’s about making the best decisions for yourself when important problems arise. More than anything, it’s about fully appreciating the happiness you feel “right here, right now” and being mindful of “healthy and happy ways to live” in order to do so. Why not incorporate yoga into your life as one of those healthy habits?!

On top of embracing your inner self, talking about yourself and putting your current state into words makes a world of difference. Liberate yourself by talking about the state of your body and mind that day, things that you’d like to try, your dreams, or anything else that comes to mind. It’ll also help you take an objective look at your current self. What makes Wellness & Happiness yoga special is that it is a combination of a short discussion and yoga.

Even in yoga studios, many people like to talk to the teacher before or after the lesson. I think that it is common to want to talk about your condition or recent changes before or after a yoga class. Of course, yoga instructors are not doctors, so we cannot give you medical advice or treatments, but I believe that wanting to talk about your feelings is the first step to becoming one with your inner self, and they will come forth as you do so. After you’ve done yoga, you will notice changes in yourself. I hope you treasure those moments in which you examine those small changes. One of the great advantages of private lessons is that they are completely focused on you, so you can take your time to become one with your inner self. 

If you have a dream or a goal, if you are worrying about being able to find one, or if you want to change your lifestyle, I can’t wait to hear from you. I will help you feel yourself change from the inside out through yoga, make new discoveries by talking about those changes, and make your days even more fulfilling.

Lesson Contents (Standard 60 minutes)★

1. Talk about your current self + breathing techniques (15 min)

2. Yoga (30 min)

3. Meditation (5 min)

4. Talk again about how you feel inside and your goals for the future (10 min)


Waseda University School of Human Sciences, Department of Human Health Sciences, Clinical Psychology Major

After graduating from college, I worked for a variety of different corporations and groups, both Japanese and foreign, gaining experience as a temporary worker, contract worker, and full time employee for close to 20 years. Unable to conquer the struggles I faced in my 20’s in terms of work, relationships, and dating, in my 30’s I discovered yoga. It changed my view of life. In order to do want I wanted to do and go where I wanted to go in life, I made yoga an indispensable part of my life. I was never very flexible to begin with, so there are still some poses that I can’t do even now, but experiencing those changes in my body and mind is exactly what made me want to spread wonderfulness of yoga, even if only a little bit. That's why I began teaching yoga classes for absolute beginners in 2013 . Take a look at your lifesized self who is still standing at the entrance of the deep world of yoga and spend some quality time together. My goal is to help people find the best way for them to go out and live a healthy and happy life.

I have completed Yoga Alliance’s 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Course.  

My hobbies include language learning, and I can speak English (TOEIC940), French (DELF B2), Italian (Intermediate). I believe that language learning and yoga are similar in that they are both long journeys that help you discover your own growth. I can also give advice about how to acquire a foreign language. In fall of 2014, I studied abroad in Italy in order to learn about jewelry design. My dream and goal for the future is to expand my jewelry business. 

I consider it my life’s work to get the message out about living a healthy and happy life and bringing out the best in people though yoga and jewelry. I hope this message reaches all the women and men out there who would like to live life freely, just the way they are, while feeling excitement in their hearts. 

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