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Hola todos!今日はスペイン語関連書籍のご紹介です。書籍、といっても堅苦しいものではないのでご安心ください。研究社「気持ちが伝わる!スペイン語リアルフレーズBOOK」福嶌教隆 著文法のテキス...
Published 4 Jan, 2020 | View: 94
Hola queridos alumnos,Feliz Año Nuevo!今年もよろしくお願いします。年末には風邪をひいてしまい、ご迷惑をおかけしました。皆さんお正月はどのようにお過...
Published 24 Dec, 2019 | View: 211
¡Hola todos!Espero que ustedes estén bien de salud.12月初めにスペインへ行き、マドリード、コルドバ、グラナダと周りました...
全米で14週連続No.1に輝いたLuis Fonsiのこの曲。カッコイイけど スペイン語の歌詞はまるでわからない…   スペイン語を勉強してない方でも、大歓迎です Matildeの...
Published 30 Jul, 2017 | View: 878
¡Hola todos! Aquí tengo foto de HORCHATA, la bebida típica de verano de Espa&n...

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Matilde Tutor Profile

Hola! Me llamo Yoko. Mucho Gussto. I've been teaching Spanish for more than 10 years, and I really enjoy this job as a teacher. I can also speak English, so I've taught americans and australians. Spanish is one of the most "bonito" languages in the world, so I really want to show my students how beautiful and interesting this language is!

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Lessons by this tutor

  • スペイン語で読む「コンビニ人間」

    村田沙耶香の 芥川賞受賞作 「コンビニ人間」をスペイン語で読んでみませんか?
    Spanish   Skype Lesson   Textbook - コンビニ人間
    45min   1,800P
  • Basic Spanish as a starter

    Spanish   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    45min   4,500P
    Has Trial 20min   500P Pack of 3 1,500P per lesson
  • Spanish Basic Course

    After learning rules of the pronunciation, let's proceed to basic spanish conversation. If you've got some textbook, we can share it. If you don't, I'll send you files by skype. Spaish is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. I'd like to s
    Spanish   Skype Lesson   Textbook - 文法から学ぶスペイン語
    45min   1,800P
    Has Trial 20min   500P
  • Check only this! Spanish for traveling

    Spanish   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   1,500P
    Has Trial 20min   500P
  • Let's read an article in Spanish! (45mins)

    Spanish   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    45min   2,000P
    Has Trial 15min   500P
  • スペイン語の記事を読もう!(25分)

    Spanish   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    25min   1,400P
  • How to start learning spanish??(counseling)

    You want to learn spanish, but don't know how to start. Then you have this lesson. I can give you some advise about dictionary, textbook, and materials.
    Spanish   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    25min   900P
  • Let's start spanish( the alphabet and pronunciation)

    Let's start with alphabet. In spanish there are some letters that English doesn't have. Let's learn some rules in writing so that you can proceed to the basic spanish course without problems.
    Spanish   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   900P
  • Let's enjoy latin music in Spanish

    You like Juanes, Shakira, Rickey Martin..but you don't understand what they sing?Then, join me in this lesson! You can enjoy more latin music! Juan Luis Guerra, Enrique Iglesias,Maná,David Bisbal,Diamantes,Luis Miguel,La oreja de Van Gogh....
    Spanish   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   1,200P

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