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Hello! John here, for 10 years I’ve taught students how to improve their language skills. I have been a professional English lecturer in Korea, Singapore and now Japan.


I love language and am currently preparing for a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology. It is often said, the best way to understand your students is to be a student yourself!

Every lesson is different, as are the needs of every student. What remains constant are:
  • Focus on student talking time -- I keep you "on your toes" with provocative questions and pertinent topics; not wasting your time with lengthy explanations.
  • Focus on best learning practices -- spend your valuable time doing what is proven to work and not waste time on less effective techniques.
  • Detailed and professional Skype feedback notes including clear English goals - Small talk - Pronunciation notes - Vocabulary notes - Lesson reviews - Next lesson tips so that you can review our lessons anytime on your Skype account.
Thank you for perusing my profile! I'm looking forward to working with you and wishing you all the best in your learning goals!

Quick Vocabulary and Idiom Lesson:

Lecturer = teacher
"on your toes" =  keep you focused, alert and responsive
Provocative = exciting
Pertinent = relevant, suitable
Perusing = look at casually

The more you know;)

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