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Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance) RYT 200
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Published 17 Jan, 2018 | View: 1374
Increase your stamina with YogaLow stamina can have an adverse impact in different areas of your li...
Published 9 Apr, 2017 | View: 1907
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Hello from London, UK :-) Enjoy these beautiful spring photos from Regent's Park. It was a warm a...

Szilvia Nemeth Профиль преподавателя


As Yoga Instructor, I would like to utilize my knowledge of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, and through my gentle approach fulfill my aim which is to make my students feel happy and relaxed after practice. 

Also, as a qualified Social worker, through single or series of Life coaching/Counseling lessons, we will go on a self-discovery journey. My aim is clarifying issues together and finding new ways of handling them, work out possible solutions.

I enjoy inspiring people who want to focus on their wellness both mentally and physically. My goal is to lead students through series of challenging lessons to explore and exceed their boundaries to improve and grow. Motivate people with difficulties, help their recovery and to regain strength with my full support. I am a dedicated, high energy professional, always aiming to improve myself.

I am happy to have individuals of all age, and experience levels. I create customized lessons which will be efficient, effective, and direct to meet your specific needs.

Thank you for visiting my profile. I am looking forward to meeting you soon. See you!

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